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Thank you for visiting my page and I am excited to show off the work that I have done since joining the Iron Yard. But first, a little more about myself. I am a Florida native born and raised in Port St. Lucie. I then migrated to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!!!) and studied Business Management. After graduating, I entered the world of recruitment working with people all over the United States to help them find their next challenge. I soon realized that I was looking for the next challenge in my life so I ended up taking the plunge at the Iron Yard. My dad is an IT director for a non-profit organization in Port St. Lucie so I have been around computers and technology my whole life. It just took me a bit to decide that I wanted to make a career out of it.

When I’m not trying to learn code you can either find me playing golf, watching sports, or playing video games. I grew up playing baseball and football and I feel that it has taught me a lot in the ways of competition, problem-solving, and teamwork. These traits have helped me to solve critical business issues throughout my career. I am very excited to see how this page evolves and show off some of the cool projects that I have worked on. If you would like more information about my career path please contact me here. I look forward to connecting and feel free to ask any questions that you may have about my portfolio and any projects you see listed on my page.


JavaScript Calculator

Created a basic 4 function claculator using Vanilla JavaScript. The code base can be viewed here

Website Here

JavaScript API Music Search

Using the Itunes Music Api we created a search platform to populate a query based upon artist information that has been input into the search bar. The code base can be viewed here

Website Here

Node.Js Guessing Game

Using Node.Js along with Express libraries such as Sessions, Body-Parser, Mustache and Validator. I built a word guessing game that is similar to hangman. The code base can be viewed here

Website Here

Who Do I Start?

Using C#/.Net, Javascript, Entity Framework and BootStrap I built a fantasy football stat aggregator. It allows the user to find stats relevant to certain players in one spot rather than searching all over the web. This weas my Demo Day project at the Iron Yard. The code base can be viewed here

Website Here


You can also email me at: robbybourne1@gmail.com